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Epoxy floor is a fantastic solution for a wide variety of businesses in Durham. It’s a widely used favorite for car repair garages, car dealerships, warehouses, and showrooms of all kinds.

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Commercial and industrial environments have a few things in common when it comes to flooring needs: flooring must be simple, fast, manageable and affordable. If you are looking for a new floor system for your warehouse or business, we can help you. Get started with a free consultation with one of the experts at Durham Epoxy Floor Pros and you’ll see why the team is in the lead in North Carolina.

Anyone that’s ever been in the market for a new car or been in the car sales industry knows that first impressions can be a big deal, especially for smaller dealerships looking to outrank big brand neighbors. High quality epoxy flooring can easily give a dealership the extra pizzazz it needs to be more successful. A bright, glossy, perfectly smooth floor makes the room appear larger, and more open. With the professionals at Durham Epoxy Floor Pros, any business will instantly look more modern and professional.

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Any environment that deals with handling food is expected to meet high expectations of cleanliness. Tile grout builds up grease and grime. Hardwood collects dirt and it cakes up. Painted floors chip and peel. These things are big problems when it comes to keeping a kitchen clean. We’ve heard it from many of happy clients that they’re delighted with the high efficiency provided by epoxy flooring in the kitchen setting. It makes for super easy every day mopping, does not absorb or attract grease or grime build up, and can easily withstand the daily use of strong cleaning chemicals. 

High traffic areas that deal with tractors, forklifts, constant shifting of heavy objects or any kind of heavy duty manufacturing plant type activities require heavy duty flooring. Epoxy floors for industrial sites in Durham is the perfect solution. Epoxy floors are so ultra strong they can handle high traffic for many years, and look great doing it. Not only that, but they can handle spills and deflect dirt build up with it’s super tough non-porous surfaces. Get Started with a free consultation today! (984)664-4084

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