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Self-leveling epoxy. Leveling with a mixture of cement floors

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is used as a floor covering that is a mixture of epoxide resins and hardener that you pour onto floor surfaces. First, it is poured onto the surface it’s intended to cover, then it is smoothed out by hand using special techniques and tools. Epoxide resins and hardeners mix while they are in liquid form, but when they are mixed, they bond together. When left in a thin layer to cure, the epoxy chemical reaction becomes an very strong, non-porous smooth surface. It is naturally bacteria resistance, and slip resistant, making it an amazing choice for all kinds of applications, from the bathroom, to the manufacturing plant. A favorite of hospitals, factories, and car dealerships, it’s a great modern solution in the home as well! Check out more about epoxy floors for Residential or Commercial applications on our site. 

Where Can Epoxy Floors Be Used in Durham?​

Naturally, this kind of flooring has become a standard in hospitals, schools, garages and so much more. Epoxy floors may not be something many people have heard of, but if you are looking for affordable floors, this truly is a great option. Of course, they are easy to clean, look great and hold up to all kind of heavy traffic. Because of this, epoxy floors is a great solution, and you have endless options. Not only that, but the price is unbeatable! There truly is great value in the longevity and beauty that epoxy floors can provide with an expert team like the professionals at Durham Epoxy Floor Pros. We’re here to provide top notch service

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How Do Epoxy Floors In Durham Work?

Epoxy flooring is a unique floor material that is steadily gaining popularity. When smoothing or preparing concrete floors, resin and hardening chemicals are mixed together. After a set amount of time, a chemical reaction turns the mixture into a hard smooth floor. This liquid-solid process gives epoxy floors the ability to be strong, stain-resistant and much more. So, the mixture is poured onto the existing smooth surface floor, distributed evenly and left to cure for a specified amount of time depending on temperature and humidity, and sometimes a second, or third coat is applied. This process is meticulously done by the professionals at Durham Epoxy Floor Pros by hand. With experience, and proper tools and techniques, the finished product is gorgeous. 

What Are Some of the Advantages?

The first and most important is the price: the material and installation costs are not very high, which makes the investment easy. It’s exceptionally affordable especially when compared with the cost of hardwood flooring, or tile.

Second, the glossy finish is beautiful but also dirt and dust repellent. As a hard non-porous surface, if you spilled any liquid or chemicals, have pets or children, you’re covered. Spills and messes are easily cleaned up and aren’t absorbed into the surface like carpet or hardwood floor would.

Third, epoxy floors are fully customizable. There’s endless choices of color and texture, and you can make it more fun with color flakes, metallic additives, or other textured additives.This gives each client the power to create a personalized experienced for every room, or building. What’s not to like about customized durable, affordable and BEAUTIFUL floors?